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        4. In the Press - Latest news and press coverage from Mobvista

          Press & Media

          The latest news and press coverage from Mobvista


          Apple’s sinking in China — gaming could be its life preserver
          The Apple Special Event on September 10 was a big newsmaker. Apple released Apple Arcade and the unusual triple-camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro. Find out Apple's current thinking and its future direction.


          Singtel, StarHub link Singapore and western China in data pipeline
          Singapore companies now have dedicated access to seven industrial parks in the south-western Chinese city, include mobile advertising firm Mobvista


          Mobvista Revenues Jump 22% Thanks to Programmatic Push
          Mobvista is benefitting from a continued interest in programmatic advertising.


          Mobvista Half-Year Profits Grow by 65%
          Mobvista half-year profits grow by 65%;