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        4. Media Resources - The official visual identity of Mobvista

          Media Resources

          The official visual identity of Mobvista

          About Mobvista

          Mobvista is a leading technology platform providing mobile advertising and mobile analytics services to the app developers globally.

          With its robust big data and AI capabilities, Mobvista has provided user acquisition services to over 2,000 advertisers and has delivered ads to over 7 billion unique mobile devices. Over 5,300 apps developed by over 700 developers globally have integrated Mobvista’s monetization SDK. Mobvista’s mobile analytics SaaS platform has tracked game data in over 49,000 games.

          Currently, Mobvista has nearly 600 employees with offices in 12 cities across the world.

          Our Logo

          This is our logo, the one that should always be used. There are two versions to ensure optimum legibility.

          This is the main Mobvista logo. It should be used in this form whenever possible.


          Inverted logo
          This version with the white wordmark works well on dark and busy backgrounds

          Download as ZIP

          Our Colors

          We mainly use two colors, Mobvista Plum and Charcoal.

          Mobvista Plum Purple

          Web: #990099
          RGB: 153, 0, 153

          Mobvista Charcoal

          Web: #152030
          RGB: 21, 32, 48

          Screenshots & Photos

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