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        4. Mobile Games Developer Trends Survey - Mobvista

          Mobile Games Developer Trends Survey

          The report surveyed more than 300 games industry insiders from around the world. Topics covered in the report include:

          • Mobile game developer demographics
          • Game developer insights on projects, budgets and revenues
          • Business trends and the outlook for the global market
          • Key trends for the next 12 months
          • The impact of mobile ad fraud

          With 2017 marking the ten year anniversary since the launch of the first iPhone – which arguably kick-started the industry as we know it today – it’s the perfect time to reflect on a global industry that’s worth some USD$46 billion, according to NewZoo.

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          Mobile Games Developer
          Trends Survey

          Ten years ago, mobile gaming and mobile advertising markets were still relatively small. Then the iPhone came into existence and, following the launch of the App Store nine years ago, gave birth to mobile gaming and mobile advertising as we know it today. To help celebrate the anniversary, Mobvista partnered with PocketGamer.biz to support the Autumn 2017 edition of its Mobile Games Developer Trends Survey.

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