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        4. 2017 Mobile Gaming Benchmark Report by GameAnalytics - Mobvista

          2017 Mobile Gaming Benchmark Report by GameAnalytics
          40,000+ games included
          GameAnalytics examined more than 40K+ games and selected the most popular genres for analysis, in order to understand how much certain KPIs vary over time.
          4 key metrics analyzed
          Across the top 20 app store genres, GameAnalytics takes a deep-dive into Retention (D7), average session length, ARPPU, and stickiness (or DAU/MAU ratio).
          Some findings you can get from the report
          • Games with high session length and retention, like puzzle, card, and casino may be more suited to ad-based monetization.
          • Top 16% of mobile games earning $50 per paying user, versus an industry average of $7.

          Get the Report
          About GameAnalytics

          Mobvista-owned GameAnalytics is a popular analytics tool used by indie game developers and successful publishers alike to refine gameplay, improve retention and increase revenue for mobile games. GameAnalytics was founder in 2011 and is headquartered in Denmark, with offices in Copenhagen, London and Beijing.

          With more than 2 billion devices and 40,000+ active games using GameAnalytics, the platform now sees more than 370 million MAU. Some of their users include Hipster Whale (creators of the smash indie hit, Crossy Road), Voodoo, Ketchapp, Yodo1 and Fingersoft. GameAnalytics provides integrations for every major game engine and platform, including Unity3D, Unreal Engine, GameMaker, Corona and more than 10 other services – including a dedicated SDK for Javascript browser games and ability to connect over their REST API. In addition, the offer integrations for popular attribution services, including Appsflyer, Kochava, Fabric.io and Adjust.

          Mobile Gaming Insights

          – Industry Report by GameAnalytics

          Throughout 2016 and 2017, the GameAnalytics team has been analyzing game markettrends, studying data from 40K+ titles and 2+ billion devices across the globe.

          They’ve crunched all of this information and produced an insightful report showing both the current state of, and the emerging trends in, the mobile gaming industry. The report examines the movement of important KPIs for game developers, givinginsights into performance benchmarks for keymetrics across the top 20 genres.

          Download Now! * You will be redirected to the downloading page at GameAnalytics' website.