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        4. About Mobvista - A Leading Technology Platform Providing Mobile Advertising and Mobile Analytics Services to the App Developers Globally.

          Our Vision

          To connect the world,
          to advance globalization.

          Our Mission

          To share with everyone the contents
          and services of universal quality and standard.


          This is our story


          Mobvista Launched in Hong Kong


          Mobvista ranked No.12 in The Top 25 Mobile Advertising Partners by TUNE


          Series A Funding Series A round funding of $12 million with NetEase as the leading investor

          Google SMB Partner Mobvista became a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

          Mobvista ranked No.3 on The Android Power Ranking (Gaming) by AppsFlyer

          Series B Funding Series B round funding of over $30 million, led by two VC firms

          Mobvista ranked No.2 on Android Global Power Ranking
          (E-Commerce, Travel, Utility) by AppsFlyer

          Listed on NEEQ Mobvista is the first overseas-focused mobile marketing company to be listed on NEEQ (code:834299)


          Acquired NativeX Mobvista's first US acquisition: NativeX, a native ad tech platform

          Mobvista ranked Top 3 Worldwide and 1st in Asia in AppsFlyer's Performance Index

          Over $73M in Private Funding Mobvista raised over $73 million (500 million RMB) in private funding

          Mobvista ranked as 6th for iOS and 4th for Android in the AppsFlyer Performance Index for H1 2016

          Acquired GameAnalytics Mobvista's first EU acquisition: GameAnalytics, a leading behavioral analytics platform

          Mobvista ranked as the only Chinese ad platform in TUNE's TOP 25 Global Advertising Partner 2016 list

          Singular ROI Index lists Mobvista and NativeX on its 'Top 20 Best Performing Ad Networks of 2016'


          Bank of China Provided $100M Credit Facility Mobvista agreed $100 million credit facility with Bank of China to support further growth

          Revenue increased to over $280M, Full Year 2016 Mobivsta released 2016 Financial Report. The revenue increased to over $280 million

          "Our belief has always been to offer a complete suite of products
          that can unlock the full potential of our partners and customers"

          Robin Duan, Founder & CEO

          Our Offices

          Nothing is more important to us than working close with our customers. That is why we have offices all over the world!